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Pages:  1  2 (14.04.2007 18:56:30)
    by the way, we have all loved your work, its powerful and colourful .
    if you want to see Alexs work then you can visit his website, and my mother has turned her hand to silk painting, her website is . I dont paint or sculp. I write. No website for that.
    1 (14.04.2007 18:54:14)
    its your cousin Einat. funny you seem to have the same love of the female backside as your uncle!
    write back sometime
    much love
Simon (05.04.2007 17:31:09)
    great website! keep updating!
Leon (11.02.2007 22:45:33)
    Amazing site Joey. It will even get better with the improved Geman bio. Very Very Nice. We like all your masterpieces !!!
Erika Jakab (09.01.2007 19:48:01)
    Very-very nice work! Congratulations! My favorits are Brooklyn Stories, Russian Emigrant Women,
    Vineyards and the Nude Europe Dreams, but all of them are fantastic.
Luca (04.01.2007 12:40:07)
    Your art inspiration came as a surprise to me
    but a pleasant one as your paintings are very nice indeed.
Erika (30.12.2006 13:12:47)
    I'm so happy for you! It's an amazing accomplishment for 2006 and a well executed resolution. I'm sure any 2007 resolutions will be as successful. Of course I'm a little insulted that as you're only sister on earth I'm not mentioned anywhere still I'm extremely proud of you.
    I loved "I'm not happy with you", "Night Life in San-Diego", "Personality flaws" (I agree that thats how you usually see flaws most is hidden) and of course my personal favorite, as you might have guessed Big Sur.
    Love Erika
Inna (30.12.2006 08:30:06)
    Excellent site! Long overdue!
    Love your art! Keep on rocking!!!
Zsuzsa (29.12.2006 14:48:55)
    Congratulations for your work! Zsuzsa
Nora (28.12.2006 11:19:22)
    Joey, unbelievable! Very cool indeed...keep on painting, painting and painting! See you soon
Heleny (27.12.2006 06:45:05)

    Thanks for making my day. What is life without art?

    It's good to see your work again. I particularly like 'Nude Europe Dreams' and 'Brooklyn Stories'.

    Looking forward to seeing more in 2007...
Eddie V (26.12.2006 17:07:53)

    Not enough nudes. very dissapointing. Next time I come to Buda I will bring you some presents that will hopefully inspire some more.
Adri (25.12.2006 04:15:08)
    Congrats Joey! Hope to see some paintings about Paraty soon! Male Neshikot! Adri
Tanya (24.12.2006 03:30:06)
    Congratulations on your new site. I am quite surprised :)
    I loved the painting 'Nude Europe Dreams'
    Hope that the next year you would be able to have your own exhibition.
    Looking forward to see your original work
    Best wishes from New York!
Polina (23.12.2006 23:46:43)
    Joseph, you are very talented! Keep up the great work. I want to see many paintings from 2007.
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